Monday, 18 January 2016

How to Make a ‘Pomme Rose’ Cocktail

Are you looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day drink? If so you might want to try whipping up a Pomme Rose, a new take on the classic French 75 cocktail. Below, the Ideal Wine Company explains how to make this fabulously romantic drink.

Mood for love

Christmas has gone and now we’re slowly inching our way through January. But thankfully, this means we’re not that far away from Valentine’s Day – the one day of the year society sets aside to celebrate the romantic love between two partners.

Are you planning to cook a nice meal for your partner this Valentine’s Day? No romantic dish is complete without a fabulous drink to complement the subtle complexities of your cuisine. But what drink should you choose; how about you really get into the spirit of the season, break out the sparkling rose and serve your partner a Pomme Rose this Valentines?

French 75

To learn how to make a Pomme Rose, first you have to understand how to create a French 75. This famous drink was invented by barman Harry MacElhone at the New York Bar in Paris (now Harry’s New York Bar) in 1915. Legend has it that MacElhone christened his new cocktail the ‘French 75’ because it packed such a punch, that drinking one felt like being shelled by the powerful French 75 millimetre field gun.

According to Esquire, a men’s fashion and culture magazine, the French 75 is a gin-based drink. Therefore to make one you’ll need two ounces of gin.  You’ll also need one teaspoon of superfine sugar, half an ounce of lemon juice and five ounces of Brut Champagne. The Dom Perignon Brut 1993, which you can buy from the Ideal Wine Company, would work fantastically here.

Add sparkling rose

The French 75 is really easy to make. Pour all the ingredients except the Champagne into a cocktail shaker filled with cracked ice and shake vigorously. Then strain into a ‘Collins glass’ which is half-full with cracked ice and then top off the mixture with Champagne. You’ll only need to do one thing to turn a French 75 into a Pomme Rose.

Just substitute the gin and Champagne for around seven ounces of sparkling rose wine. You might want to purchase the Dom Perignon Rose 1996, a mind-blowing vintage, from the Ideal Wine Company for the occasion! Follow the same method you would use to create a French 75 (but obviously don’t top it off with Champagne) and you’ll end up with a rich, woodsy, slightly sweet cocktail that your partner will love when you serve it to them this Valentine’s Day!