Friday, 20 June 2014

The Era of 80’s and 90’s Luxury Wine

Latest luxury wine values suggest that 80’s and 90’s bottles are well and truly in vogue, and this week, the Ideal Wine Company blog explores the value of these up and coming vintages.

Ideal Wine Company Recognises the Value of Wine Investment
Here at the Ideal Wine Company, we specialise in bringing you some of the world’s highest quality wines, at prices that your bank balance can handle. We understand that luxury wine is not only a desirable product, but an investment as well; one that you can use to add an element of diversification to your portfolio.
Many of the vintages on the Ideal Wine Company list were produced in the 80’s and 90’s. Quite frankly, that is because in our expert opinion, these bottles not only boast an array of decadently fabulous flavours, they provide fantastic returns for the committed wine investor.

The Bordeaux 2013 En-Primeur Campaign
The inherent value of 80’s and 90’s vintages was underscored this week by an article on the Hindu Business Line; a popular publication in the emerging luxury products market of India. The article went on to explain that fine wine investments have continued to climb, as the current Bordeaux 2013 En-Primeur campaign came to an end.

It further highlighted the reason for the success of this particular campaign (two others have notably failed to lift the fine wine markets); this reason was generally perceived to be pricing. It focused on Chateaux, and their decision, on the back of a trend that has seen fine wine prices climb over the past few years, to increase their release prices in order to reap a profit from these huge value increases.

Left Bank Bordeaux Wine a Lucrative Investment.
Notably, this lead to a high demand for 80’s and 90’s wines. Specifically this year, according to the publication, wines from the right bank of Bordeaux seem to be reaping high returns, including Chateau Le Pin and Chateau Cheval Blanc.

At the Ideal Wine Company, we’ve long recognised the inherent value of wines that originate from the Bordeaux region, as well those that were produced in the 80’s and 90’s This rising trend proves that these vintages are truly effective investments for those looking to reap high returns on any diversified luxury goods portfolio in the current market. 

Thursday, 12 June 2014

What are the Ideal Wine Company’s Top Three Cognac’s?

For the sophisticated drinker with a diverse palette and a passion for the good life, Cognac is a must, which is why we feature several on the Ideal Wine Company product list. Here are our top three.

Cognac: The World’s Most Exclusive Brandy
Even in luxury wine, there are certainly labels attached to certain products; champagne is for the celebrity set, Bordeaux for the average collector with a little extra cash etc. Cognac, with its gloriously heavy texture and rich flavour is for the expert; the truly initiated wine collector.

A type of brandy with a reputation for excellence unrivalled by any other in the world, Cognac refers to Brandy’s made in the Cognac region of France, where the drink was invented several centuries ago. The exclusivity of the label has made it a necessary part of any wine collectors vault.

The Top Three from the Ideal Wine Company
However even with the limited availability of a bottle with the Cognac label, there are a fair few to choose from and you want a bottle that’ll fit right in with the calibre of the rest of your collection. Why not start with these top three available from the Ideal Wine Company:

1)      Remy Martin XO Champagne Cognac: The Remy Martin Label is one that is known for its high quality and the Remy Martin XO Champagne Cognac is one of the best that they have to offer. A rich earthy red colour, it’s an absolute dream to drink. A mix of 85% Grande Champagne and 15% Petit Champagne, its pure class and available to you from the Ideal Wine Company for the cost effective price of £110.40.

2)      Delamain Pale & Dry XO Grande Champagne Cognac: Despite not having the weight of the name recognition of a more well-known brand, the Delamain Pale & Dry XO Grande Champagne Cognac makes up for it in taste alone. Noted as a blend of old Grande Champagne’s, it makes for a mellow drink with a healthy palette of rich fruity flavours that burst on the tongue. Clinch a bottle from the Ideal Wine Company for the glaringly low price of £110.40.

3)      Claude Thorin VR: A classic Napoleonic Cognac still made in the traditional style, the Claude Thorin VR originates from the 106 hectare estate of Claude Thorin.  The result: A delicate Cognac with a subtle mix of fresh fruity flavours and a classic hint of the oak barrels demanded for storage by the traditional process. Get a bottle today from us for the budget defying price of £76.80.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Ideal Wine Company on the Rise of Russian Wine

Despite a rapidly changing landscape, few would argue the lack of importance of Russia as a wine making region, however experts from the country are claiming it’s a new player in the global market. This week the Ideal Wine Company blog has tasked itself with assessing why.

The Land of Many Climates
We all know why we don’t value Russian wine, it’s hardly a secret. It’s the same reason most critics turn their nose up at English wine. The vast majority of Russia is literally an arctic wasteland (look up Siberia sometime), and that means that it’s hardly got the climate for quality viticulture.

What many people forget is that a large swathe of Russia sits significantly lower on the map than Siberia, and this area of the country enjoys temperatures similar to those regularly seen in France, the old bastion of global viticulture. This means that despite the dominance of Western European countries, as well as up and comers such as Australia and Argentina in the global market, it is entirely possible for Russia to enter said market.

A 3,000 Year Old Wine Making Industry
And it seems as if they’re doing so, at least according to the Moscow Times. This week the newspaper gave a metaphorical toast to the country’s viticulture industry, dropping some knowledge on those of us who have long underestimated it.

According to the news, it turns out Russia’s market is over 3,000 years old, and the despite the prominence of Vodka as the drink most people associate with the world’s largest country, the interest in Russian wine has grown extraordinarily over the past ten years, and they specialise in many areas, notably in the production of such classic vintages as the Pinot Noir.

Welcome to the Russian Wine Revival
The newspaper proceeded to speak to the brand manager Evgenia Ivanova at OKV, one of Russia’s oldest wine import companies. Specifically, he detailed how old traditions are being revived in the country by modern entrepreneurs through the illustration of the Rayevskoye wine maker building up operations at the site just Southwest of Krasnodarsky Krai, the region where experts found the oldest traces of wine making in Russia.

Ivanova said: "The Rayevskoye winery produces interesting, original wine of the Pinot Noir sort. They can be proud of this because Pinot Noir is a capricious, aristocratic wine that requires a lot of work." He continued by saying: "The best ground was found near the village of Rayevskoye and it was only after seven years of experimenting, in 2011, that they started to sell their wine, such as Pinot Noir and Renaissance." 

The revival of Russia’s role in viticulture reminds us here at the Ideal Wine Company of the sheer versatility of this industry; the same versatility you can find with the many luxury vintages to be found on our product list!