About Ideal Wine Company

Welcome to the Ideal Wine Company - Buyers and Sellers of Luxury Wines. We deal with luxury wines from around the world for any occasion.

Whether it's a celebratory drink, a high brow vintage for the sophisticated drinker or a gift for someone special, the Ideal Wine Company has a home delivery service which will ensure your wine is delivered in a timely manner to your door, 

Drinking wine

Drinking wine can be a wonderful experience. You can share a bottle through the week to take the edge off, wind down over the weekend and take it along for a party or special occasion. It's also an art which needs to be taken seriously and you need to know as much as you can to get the most out of fine wine. 

It must be remembered that wine is a living thing that goes through several phases of development which reveal their true value with age. 

Temperature is a vital factor when making the most of a bottle of wine - white should be chilled for a few hours before drinking while red should be at room temperature. 

Ideal Wine Company

You can learn exactly how to make the most of every bottle with the Ideal Wine Company's information page. 

At Ideal Wine Company we aim to always be improving the service we offer to our customers. We believe a good wine merchant offers a good quality product at a fair price. We encourage our customers to store their wine in their own personal bonded warehouse account and to research the product, price and company that they deal with.

When buying wine from you, we will endeavour to make the process as easy and effective as we can.

We aim to be available for our customers at hours suitable for them.

Telephone no. 0203 714 7900