Monday, 11 January 2016

Burgundy Launches Wines Club for Sommeliers

The Ideal Wine Company team has learned that the French region of Burgundy has launched a Wines Club for sommeliers based in the UK.

Burgundy wine

Located in the East of France, Burgundy (Bourgogne in French) is one of the most celebrated wine making regions in the world. Vineyards in the region are known for producing stunning dry reds from Pinot Noir grapes and delicious Chardonnay-based whites. You can buy the Clos Saint Denis, a fantastic Burgundy vintage, from the Ideal Wine Company today from £528.

Statistics from the Burgundy Wine Board (BIVB), the region’s wine industry trade body, showed that Burgundy vintages were popular in a number of territories in 2015. Specifically, US Burgundy wine imports grew 5.5% in the first seven months when compared to same period in the year before. However Burgundy wines proved less popular in territories such as Belgium, Germany and the UK.

Wine club

It looks as though BIVB may be looking to increase the popularity of Burgundy wines in the UK. According to Imbibe, who bill themselves as “UK on-trade drinks professionals,” the Board has decided to invite British sommeliers to its new Bourgogne Wines Club. This will feature four free classes on Burgundy’s wines hosted by celebrated Master Sommelier Xavier Rousset.

The project is designed to provide UK sommeliers with the information they need to improve their knowledge of the Burgundy wine-making industry. Rousset’s sessions will explore a number of varietals including Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Chablis Premier Cru. The Master Sommelier will also explain the ‘ladder’ of Burgundy wines and allow his pupils to blind taste roughly 20 of the regions finest vintages in each class.

“Fun and interactive”

Commenting on the launch of these sessions, Rousset said that “the club will be a fun and interactive way to bring like-minded sommeliers together to share their thoughts and opinions about the wines.” He went on to add that “I am looking forward to some of the blind tasting flights – watch out, there may be some surprises!”

Fran├žois Labet, president of the Marketing & Communication Commission for the BIVB also commented on the launch of the Club. He said: “Sommeliers are important influencers in the wine world and we want to get to know them better and in a personal manner. Bourgogne will focus on two key messages: the two flagship wine grape varieties and (the region’s) 100 appellations.”

Genius move

A sommelier is a trained wine professional, whose job is to suggest vintages to ordinary people. Therefore BIVB’s decision to invite British sommeliers to its new Bourgogne Wines Club could prove a genius move. Rousset will impart his students with the information they need to suggest first-rate Burgundy vintages to wine enthusiasts across the UK.