Tuesday, 3 May 2016

What is En Primeur Wine?

As a wine enthusiast, there are certain industry terms you may wish to familiarise yourself with in order to broaden your wine knowledge-base. So what is en primeur wine?

En primeur wine

At Ideal Wine Company, we strive to provide effective customer service. We have a number of facilities you can use to learn more about wine.  There’s our Glossary page, where we explain key industry-terms and a Frequently Asked Question’s (FAQs) page, where we answer some common queries about the global wine sector.

On the FAQ’s page, we answer: “what is en primeur?” French for “wine futures,” en primeur refers to the practise of buying a vintage from a producer while it is still in the barrel and has yet to be bottled. If you pursue this option, you will then receive the wine after it has been bottled and distributed.

Ensuring wine quality

Every year, there are numerous en primeur offers from wine merchants, most notably in Bordeaux. However we would advise you to only go en primeur with established merchants, as buying a wine before it has been reviewed by experts means you need to ensure you will receive a quality product.

We would also suggest that you conduct research before buying en primeur. If you perform a few Google searches, you can find out whether a wine region’s industry professionals, along with market experts, believe that it will produce a good vintage that year. For example, as far back as late last year experts suggested that the 2015 Bordeaux would be excellent, due to the favourable weather the region received during the previous growing season.

Choose the right wine

Here at Ideal Wine Company, we don’t provide en primeur purchase options. We are dedicated to providing you with fine wines that have already developed a reputation for excellence. Whether you go en primeur or choose to purchase fine wines which have already cultivated a great reputation, make sure you don’t go in blind. 

It's recommended that do your research, so that you can find the right vintage for you, ensuring that you buy a wine your taste buds are sure to love!