Monday, 9 May 2016

The UK is central to World Wine Trade, says latest study

New figures have shown Ideal Wine Company that UK consumers are central to the world wine trade, suggesting that we Brits really love a good glass of wine or two!

Huge wine importer

The Drinks Business writes that new data released by The Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA) shows just how pivotal the UK is to the global wine market. Speaking on the first day of the recently-held World Wine Fair in London, WTSA CEO Miles Beale said that we’ve become a big wine importer.

We import more wine, in terms of value, than anyone except the Americans. As far as volume goes, we import more wine than anyone except the Germans. We Brits now import more wine per head than any other top wine market on the planet. Wine is the most popular drink in this country, being consumed by an equivalent of 30 million people – or more than one person per household.

Explaining wine trends

WSTA shed more light on the complexity of the UK’s place in the global wine sector in its recently released inaugural Wine Report. According to WSTA, ever-expanding dominance in the import-export trade is serving as the key driver of UK wine sector growth. They attributed this both to the UK’s position as the preferred point of international entry into the EU’s single market and rising investment in the country’s bottling plants.

Commenting on the release of WSTA’s first Wine Report, Beale said:  “Britain has become a global giant in the wine industry, something which is evident from the complex importing and exporting networks highlighted in the WSTA’s first ever annual Wine Report. The UK is the sixth largest, and probably the most diverse, wine market in the world.

“We employ 170,000 people directly and a further 100,000 people in the supply chain including agricultural, technical and seasonal jobs. Britain now has a huge capacity to import and package wine on home soil, making us a key hub for distribution domestically, but also to the EU and globally. The UK is the international wine industry’s destination of choice for onward distribution to the EU and other Northern hemisphere markets.”

Love French wine

WSTA’S Wine Report also revealed the UK’s top ten wine trading destinations. Several emerging wine makers such as Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, Macao and Moldova all made it onto the list. However, the rankings were led by France and the US, which have both built up steady reputations for producing some of the finest wines the world has ever seen.

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