Monday, 11 April 2016

Experts Predict “Magnificent” 2015 Bordeaux Vintage

A number of wine experts recently predicted that following a disappointing few years, 2015 will be a “magnificent” vintage for Bordeaux wine.

Early predictions

According to popular consensus, 2013 was a lackluster year for Bordeaux wine, while 2014 was nothing more than average. The bottles produced in these periods simply didn’t match the quality created in standout years such as 2005 and 2010.

Last year, Ideal Wine Company reported that growers expected 2015 to be a great year for French wine, especially Bordeaux. The technical director of the Bordeaux-based Chateau Lestage winery said that France was experiencing its best growing conditions since 2005. Gavin Quinney, a wine grower and commentator who lives in Bordeaux, said: “it is a fact to date that all vintages ending in zero and five have been great since 1985 and most of those have been dry years.”

“Magnificent year”

We reported this story before the Bordeaux grape harvest, so it was hard to assess how accurate these predictions were. Lifestyle site Expatica recently spoke to a number of experts to ascertain the quality of the 2015 Bordeaux vintage. Cheered by last year’s dry growing conditions, they predicted that the 2015 vintage would be “magnificent.”

Speaking at Bordeaux’s annual futures tasting, which were held recently, prominent oenologist Michel Rolland labelled the 2015 vintage “something to get excited about.” Explaining further, Rolland said: "It's a great vintage with precise wines, better than any we've ever made… It has the power of the 2005s and... the body and sunny charm of the 2009s.”

Agreeing, South African wine shop owner Neil Pendock said: “I've been coming for the primeur tastings for about four, five years now and this is the best…I think you'll have a big success here.” Meanwhile Stephan Toutoundji, a wine expert at South-West France’s Oenoteam tasting laboratory suggested that exceptional quality was present throughout all the Bordeaux 2015 labels, “on a par with the last great ones -- 2005, 2009 and 2010.”

Sample Bordeaux

Therefore, there’s good reason to believe that the 2015 vintage will be a great year for Bordeaux wine! If you want to see what to expect from a truly excellent Bordeaux, come to Ideal Wine Company. We supply a selection of Bordeauxs of various vintages for you to try.