Monday 4 April 2016

Buying Wines Online with Ideal Wine Company

The emergence of digital technologies have changed the way we shop. Data from Rabobank suggests that increasingly, we Brits are buying wines online. If you’re looking for a cost-effect wine e-retailer, think about coming to the Ideal Wine Company.

Selecting your vintage

Ideal Wine Company’s online service is incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is head to our website, where you can search for your chosen vintage by region. We feature bottles from some of the most celebrated wine making regions on earth, from old world places like Bordeaux and Italy to new world areas such as California and Australia. You can also find great Champagnes, Cognacs and Ports.

All of the regions featured by Ideal Wine Company are listed on the left-hand side of our website. Click on your desired region and you will be presented with the bottles produced in this area which you can buy from us. Then all you have to do is click your chosen bottle and you will be brought to a page which lists its price and features a picture of the vintage. By hovering your cursor over the picture, you can see an enlarged version of the image, which will allow you to read the bottle’s label.

Buy your wine

Once you’ve selected your vintage, you can buy it quite easily. Let’s say you wanted to purchase the Chateau Petrus 2001, a rich red Bordeaux boasting hints of vanilla, blackcurrants and truffles. Head to this wine’s page, click the ‘buy button’ and this fine vintage will be added to your shopping basket.

After you’ve filled your shopping basket, you can head to Ideal Wine Company’s ‘checkout;’ this button is listed on the left-hand side of our website. Here, you can submit your payment in order to complete your purchase. Note that when you reach the checkout you will also need to utilise our first-rate delivery service, which will ensure your chosen bottles are brought straight to your door!

You will need to know how to pay for your Ideal Wine Company purchase to complete this process. We accept three forms of payment; credit/debit card, bank transfer and cheques. Note that we accept all major credit and debit cards however, any product paid for via card must be delivered to the billing address. There is a 2.5% surcharge for credit card payments and a 3.5% charge for Amex cards, but there is no charge if you pay via debit card.

Enjoy your wine!

It really is that simple! After you have completed the process of buying wines online with Ideal Wine Company, you can sit back and relax. Once your chosen vintages have been delivered, you can crack open a bottle, pour yourself a nice glass and indulge in a fine wine your taste buds are sure to love!