Monday, 9 March 2015

What Causes Wine to Give You a Headache?

We’ve decided to try taking on the mother of all wine-related questions on the Ideal Wine Company blog. What causes wine to give you a headache?

Everyone’s had a wine headache 
We’ve all been there. Because we’re a provider of luxury bottles from wine making regions around the world, many of us at the Ideal Wine Company have certainly been there.  What can we say, we love our product!

You wake up after a having a few glasses of your favourite vino the night before only to find you have a headache. A roaring headache. Nobody knows exactly why drinking certain wines can give you a headache but everyone has wondered at some point or another why they wake up with a banging head after a few glasses of their favourite Burgundy.

Sulphites do not give you a wine headache
People generally fall into two camps. They either believe that wine gives you a headache because it contains sulphites or because you drank too much of it.

Let’s clear up a common misconception right now. Wine does not give you a headache because it contains sulphites. People associate sulphites with wine headaches because some people react badly when they drink wine with sulphites in it. However they react badly because they’re allergic to sulphites, not because they’re particularly known to cause headaches.

Can wine give you a headache if you drink too much of it?
Now let’s tackle the other theory. Wine can give you a headache because you drank too much of it. Is there any truth to this claim?

Some. Basically wine, like all alcohols, dehydrates your body. That’s why you feel ravenously thirsty whenever you’re hung over. One of the side effects of dehydration is headaches. Ergo sometimes you may be prone to develop a headache after a few glasses of wine if you’ve not had any water to rehydrate your body afterwards.

Drink wine in moderation
Truthfully no-one is exactly sure why wine can give you a headache sometimes. However it seems pretty safe to say that the best way to prevent such a headache is to drink wine in moderation. ‘Everything in moderation’ is the key to living a healthy life.