Monday, 16 March 2015

Exceptionally Early Vintage Presents Problems for Wine Makers in South Australia

Reports recently came to the attention of the Ideal Wine Company that there has been an exceptionally early vintage in South Australia this year. This has presented a number of problems for wine makers in the region.

Some wonderful wines are made in Australia
Because we strive to supply you with fantastic fine wines from regions across the world, we couldn’t not feature a range of Australian luxury wines on the Ideal Wine Company product list.

Australia has long been an up and comer in the world of wine production. Today it’s recognised as a wine maker to equal newer entrants to the industry such as Argentina and California, as well as wine making stalwarts such as France and Italy. The country is known for producing high quality Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot Noir and Semillon vintages, among others.

Early vintage puts pressure on wine makers
Yet reports have recently revealed that the land down under’s lucrative wine industry has come under pressure. According to ABC News, this year’s wine vintage arrived a month earlier than normal in South Australia.

The region’s Winegrape council executive officer, Peter Hackworth, went on to point out that this has put pressure on wine makers in South Australia. It means that they have to readjust to a much tighter picking schedule and this means that some grapes may not make it to the winery, which would spur a loss for the South Australian wine industry.

The grapes can’t get to the winery
Speaking of the significance of the early vintage, Hackworth said that "what it's meant is a lot of the varieties that normally would ripen distinctively apart have tended to come in at the same time." The executive elaborated that "areas such as the warmer inland areas are ripening at the same time as the cool climate areas, so everything is tending to come in at once. It puts a lot of pressure on winery infrastructure."

He went on to explain: "It's extremely difficult for growers - that can create problems because the grapes will ripen and get to an optimum quality… But if they can't get into the winery, the sugar levels increase and the wine goes beyond its optimum and starts to decline. So that has big implications in terms of pricing for grapes too."

South Australia can meet this challenge
Therefore this early harvest could affect South Australia’s 2015 vintage in a number of ways. Yet South Australia is known for the quality of the bottles it produces. We bet the region has what it takes to overcome this challenge and deliver a stellar 2015 vintage.