Monday, 16 February 2015

Five Foods to Pair with Rose Wine

If you’re looking for the perfect complement for your luxury bottle of rose stick around. This week the Ideal Wine Company reveals five foods to pair with rose wine.

What should you do with your bottle of rose?
As a provider of fine wines from around the world at a price you can afford, the Ideal Wine Company has a range of luxury rose wines and champagnes ready and waiting for you to purchase.

But what do you do once you’ve bought one. Maybe you should save it for a special occasion; perhaps a dinner party? Wine is the perfect tipple for a sophisticated dinner party yet it’s a complex drink – you can’t just pair it with any dish or the tastes will strike too sharp a contrast.

Try these five foods with your bottle of rose
The right dish can set off the intricate flavours laced through a bottle of rose just right, but what should you pick? Try pairing your bottle of rose with one of the following five foods…

1)      Chicken: When it comes to meat there’s a rule of thumb. The heavier the wine, the redder the meat. That’s why if you’re looking to serve meat with rose or white wine you should opt for grilled chicken.

2)      Curry: No, we’re not joking. Spicy foods actually strike a scintillating contrast with a glass of rose and the best way to capture this amazing gastric experience is to team your bottle with a curry. The spice cuts through the fruitiness perfectly.

3)      Spanish cheeses: Wine and cheese is a winning combination, yet it’s so hard to get right. Both are so complex that if you pick the wrong cheese for your bottle of wine the flavours clash, leaving a horrible taste in your mouth. Avoid this when pairing cheese with rose wine by going for a nice Spanish cheese such as Roncal or Idiazabal.

4)      Salad:  Salad is a light, refreshing dish. You wouldn’t want to accompany it with a red. It would prove overpowering. Opt for a lighter wine like a rose instead and its subtle undertones will set your lovingly prepared Nicoise off swimmingly.

5)      Rice: Have you ever tried pairing a classic rice dish like Paella with a wine before? It works beautifully as long as you go for something crisp and flavourful yet light. Rose fits that bill to a tee.

Try the Dom Perignon 1996

In other words there are lots of foods that you can pair with rose wines and champagnes. Try some out for yourself now by pushing the boat out and buying a bottle of Dom Perignon 1996 from the Ideal Wine Company so you can see which dish goes best with a stunning rose vintage!