Monday, 22 December 2014

World’s First Sonic Wine Bar Opens it’s Doors

This month the world’s first sonic wine bar officially opened for business, leading the Ideal Wine Company to ask this week; what does this mean for the wine drinking experience?

Enhancing the Wine Drinking Experience
As a supplier of fine wines for wallet-friendly prices, the Ideal Wine Company has never failed to understand the complexity and versatility of wine.

 As such, wine enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and technological whiz-kids around the world strive at a breakneck pace to introduce new innovations to enhance the wine drinking experience. Such motivation has led to the opening of the world’s first sonic wine bar.

Welcome to the World’s First Sonic Wine Bar
According to Drinks Business, wine writer Jo Burzynska has recently decided to open the world’s first sonic wine bar in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Situated in the magnificent C, the establishment looks to enhance the oral and aural experience of drinking wine by taking a multi-sensory approach. By running a series of theme nights, the 35-seater bar looks to diversify and enrich the wine drinking experience by pairing different types of music with various styles of vintage.

“A Profound Effect on the Perception of What You’re Tasting.”
Drinks Business went on to reveal that the wine writer has recently commented on the science behind the concept of the sonic wine bar. Burzynska noted: “There are strong synergies between sound and taste, with recent scientific studies confirming that what you listen to when you taste as a glass of wine has a profound effect on the perception of what you’re tasting.” 

The wine writer went on to talk about the rising popularity of wine-music matching events, saying: “While wine and music matching events are gaining popularity around the world, as far as we’re aware this is the first bar entirely devoted to this concept.”

Setting Music to Wine for a Unique Experience

In other words, the opening of the world’s first sonic wine bars provides wine enthusiasts with the unique opportunity to explore a growing trend in as much depth as they desire. Setting music to wine has been shown to enhance it’s flavour, meaning the opening of the world’s first sonic wine bar could provide the wine drinkers of the world with a whole new way to appreciate their favourite tipple.