Monday, 6 October 2014

Five Unusual Wine Hotspots around the World

We want to broaden your horizons this week here at the Ideal Wine Company, by alerting you to five unusual wine hotspots around the world.

The Wine Making Landscape is not as narrow as Some Would Have You Believe

As a provider of first rates fine wines from around the globe, Ideal Wine Company knows that some places have more of a reputation for viticulture than others. France for example, from where we supply a range of fine wines for reasonable prices, is one of the most renowned wine making hotspots on the planet.

But the viticulture landscape is hardly as narrow as some people would have you believe. Many countries make wine, and sometimes it’s the vintages from places you wouldn’t expect that make for a truly fantastic wine drinking experience.

Try These Five Wine Making Hotspots as you Travel the World

If you ever have the opportunity to tour the wine making centres of the globe, we suggest you head off the beaten track and take the time try vintages from the following five unusual wine making hotspots:

  1. Moldova: Believe it or not, the landlocked Eastern European nation of Moldova has a big wine making industry, even having its own national wine day. It’s one of its main exports. It produces mostly red, with the famous Negru de Purcari (a red blend) proving a particular standout   
  2. Macedonia: With its extremely fertile plains and classic Southern European climate, Macedonia has a strong tradition of wine making. It’s highly known for reds such as Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, but you can find some fantastic whites there as well, such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and the more rustic Zilvaka
  3.  Kosovo: Kosovo is a wine making region on the rise, with many arguing that it’s wants to be the next Napa Valley. Its whites are fantastic, with its table whites a particular highlight, which is probably why Kosovar table white wine has been so popular in Germany in recent years.
  4. Montenegro: Despite the fact that Montenegro is a particularly mountainous country, it has developed a hearty wine making tradition that is fast becoming one of Eastern Europe’s most notable. It’s famous for its indigenous Vranac grape, which when processed makes for a killer dry red.
  5. Hungary: Hungary has the perfect climate for wine making and has a history of producing stellar vintages that delight at every turn. We feature one of its finest bottles, the Tokaji, on the Ideal Wine Company product list.

You Learn Something at Each New Unusual Wine Making Hotspot

But don’t stop there. One you’ve done Europe, why not travel further from home and try the unusual wine hotspots of Asia, Africa or the Americas. Each time you will learn something new, which will remind you why you fell in love with wine in the first place.