Monday, 15 September 2014

A Sip of Wine to Quench Your Thirst?

Astoundingly, Ideal Wine Company has discovered that the world’s longest marathon chose to offer wine to its participants recently, rather than water.

The Beneficial Properties of Wine
Ideal Wine Company is a company that exists to make sure you are able to buy a bottle of fine wine at a price you can actually afford. As such, we believe in the benefits of wine.

Wine – by certain studies – has been shown to hold characteristics that promote goodhealth i.e. anti-oxidants. However, even we never believed that it would ever be a good idea to offer wine to people running in a marathon.

What is the Le Marathon du Medoc?
According to the BBC, organisers of the Le Marathon du Medoc offered runners the chance to feast from a veritable banquet as they were running. Not only did the banquet include some of the country’s most beloved wines, but other French delicacies from ice cream to oysters.

It’s important to understand how bizarre this truly is. The Le Marathon du Medoc is billed as the world’s longest marathon because it is a 26 mile circuit. However, participants are given a pretty generous six-and-a-half hours to complete the marathon.

A Day of Celebrations
Yet what an outsider wouldn’t know, is that this has never been a straight forward run. It’s more a festival, as not only do the runners get a chance to sample luxury wines, but they are tasked to complete the circuit in carnival themed outfits.

Furthermore, it’s not like they are forced to wash down a cold glass of Bordeaux as they whizz by. The marathon is specifically long, because it allows for pit stops at various chateaus to indulge in French delicacies.

This is why French Wine is So Famous
This is why we truly love the French here at the Ideal Wine Company. Yes, to us British this seems like a bizarre and somewhat unhealthy tradition. However wine is so endemic to the French character that to them, it makes sense to have a glass whilst you’re running a marathon. That way of thinking, is why the French are the most famous wine making people in the world.