Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Wine Helps Artists ‘Unleash the Imagination’

At the Ideal Wine Company we finally have proof of what we’ve always known; according to a Boston Globe article, wine helps you ‘unleash the imagination!’

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As such, we’re pretty big wine drinkers ourselves, and we have to admit, a few of us on the Ideal Wine Company team have had an artistic turn or two after a glass of our favourite luxury bottle. We may be no artists, but in our opinion, we’ve found that a glass of chilled white or gut-warming red is all the inspiration we need, to aid us on the way to achieving our (admittedly not that good) artistic endeavours.

Welcome to ‘Paint and Sip’ Classes
So that’s why a recent article in the Boston Globe immediately caught our eye. The article spoke to commercial artist Marin Samatis about her ‘paint and sip’ classes.
 It’s exactly what you think it is – you learn how to create fabulous masterpieces whilst quaffing down a glass or two of your favourite tipple. Samatis explained to the Boston Globe that whilst painting can be really fun and therapeutic, it can be a little intimidating for a novice.  That’s why a glass of wine helps bring out the artist in you; it relaxes you, so you can focus on what you’re doing, not how intimating taking up a paintbrush is.

The Hidden Artist in All of Us
In her own words, Samatis explained to the publication that “there’s a hidden artist in all of us,” however “sometimes we need a little encouragement to unleash our imagination.”  That’s why the ‘paint and sip’ concept has become so popular.

Here at the Ideal Wine Company, we simply adore the idea of the ‘paint and sip’ classes. Why be intimidated by learning to paint, when you can break out your favourite label, indulge in a glass or two, and relax enough to have at it. If you want to try the paint and sip technique with a quality wine, Ideal Wine Company is here to help!