Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Who Has the Best Wine List in the World?

The hotel with the best luxury wine list in the world has been revealed, and this week Ideal Wine Company lets you know who achieved this honour and why.

We Know Luxury Wine Here at the Ideal Wine Company
We get luxury wine lists here at the Ideal Wine Company. We should; after all, the Ideal Wine Company exists to bring you some of the most exquisite wines from all around the world, at a price you can actually afford.

That’s why we get just how much goes into a truly spectacular wine list; you need variety, quality, luxury etc. So, without further ado, who has the best wine list in the world?

Congratulations To…
According to the New York Daily News, the Palais Coburg, in Vienna, Austria, was awarded the top spot - out of 4,000 wine lists considered – on the World of Fine Wines first ever ranking of the World’s Best Wine Lists.

And their stock is certainly impressive. This mega-luxurious five star hotel has a wine collection with bottles dating back as far as 1727, and a total of six themed wine cellars; Yquem, Rarities, Champagne, New World, Old World and, of course, France.

An “Almost Dauntingly Complete Wine List”
In bestowing the title on the Palais Coburg, the judges applauded the luxury hotels cellar for being “almost dauntingly complete, completely eye-boggling and jaw-dropping," and with the French cellar boasting over 30,000 luxury bottles alone, that title is well deserved.

Perhaps the most impressive vintage on this star wine list is the double magnum of 1865 Chateau Lafite-Rothschild. One of the rarest and most valuable wines in the world, if you ever have the chance to try it, you simply must – one sip is the experience of a lifetime.

Obviously, we don’t have wines quite of the calibre of the 1865 Chateau Lafite-Rothschild, but you will find a wine list of luxury, quality and affordability here at the Ideal Wine Company