Friday, 2 May 2014

Ideal Wine Company’s Top Four Dom Perignon’s

We are proud of the stellar Dom Perignon Champagnes that we prominently display on the Ideal Wine Company product list, which is why this week we thought we’d bring you our top four!
Champagne is the ultimate luxury vintage – a status symbol we equate with Kings and Queens, politicians and celebrities, entrepreneurs and heirs etc. Champagne is the symbol of wealth and success.
Which is why it’s not surprising that Champagnes are some of our highest selling luxury wines – they’re simply too sumptuous to resist. The sparkling reputation of the Dom Perignon brand, underlined by consistently high quality, means that when you buy one of these luxury champagnes from us, you know you are purchasing a vintage that is worth its weight in gold.

A Dom Perignon for All Tastes
1)      Dom Perignon 2000: Despite it being the newest bottle on this list, the Dom Perignon 2000, a classic white champagne in the traditional style of this well-known brand, is more than the equal of every single competitor of this list. A sparkling wine with a satisfying bite that will leave your thirst well slaked, you can score this luxury bottle for a cool £140.

2)      Dom Perignon Brut 1993: This classic example of the Dom Perignon brand has aged spectacularly, and has a fine reputation as a drink of choice among the well-to-do set. When you take a sip of this classic 750 millilitre bottle that comes to you for the value saving price of only £180, the complex mix of flavours clash and collide together, as the heady texture of the bubbles sees your sip slide down your throat and warm your whole body.

3)      Dom Perignon Rose 1996: As you might have guessed, the Dom Perignon Rose 1996 differs from every other champagne on this list because it is a rose, not a white, which is standard for Champagne. This doesn’t mean it should be underestimated. The fruiter nature of this £276 quality bottle lends it a lighter air that makes it a staple for the hot summer months.

4)      Dom Perignon Brut 1985: The oldest champagne on this list, it really does add gravitas to that myth that wine gets better as it ages. Whilst it is also the most expensive bottle, coming in at a hefty £288, it is worth every single penny. Its pure class and sophistication in a glass!