Friday, 14 October 2016

Taste the age of your wine with this device

Rapidly advancing technology is increasingly allowing wine-makers to improve the quality of their products. New reports show that recently, an ‘electronic tongue’ was created which can determine the age and quality of wine on an industrial scale, ensuring customers receive high quality bottles.

Electronic tongue

This ‘electronic tongue’ was invented by researchers from the University of South Australia’s Future Industries Institute, with the team being led by Research Associate Dr Xavier Ceto Alseda. The team claim that this device, which is made from gold, platinum and carbon electrodes, can accurately determine the age and quality of wine, even showing the type of barrel it was aged in.
Specifically, the device creates a unique “fingerprint” for each wine, by measuring the electrochemical signals of sugars, phenolic compounds and other compounds present in the drink. Industry publication The Drinks Business writes that this electronic tongue analyses the overall combination of compounds found in the wine. Explaining, Ceto said: “It mimics the process of tasting, where the different sensations perceived (sweet, bitter, sour, salty and umami) are combined by your brain.”
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