Monday, 22 February 2016

Five Tips for Choosing Wine for Your Wedding

A new study from events company Chillisauce shows that Valentine’s Day is the second most popular time of the year to propose marriage, after Christmas Eve. If you popped the question to your loved one this Valentine’s, you might want to start thinking which wines you’ll have on your big day. Here comes the Ideal Wine Company to the rescue, with five tips for choosing wine for your wedding.

Buy enough

First, you need to make sure you have enough wine for all your guests. Wine buffs estimate that you can pour six glasses of wine and eight flutes of Champagne per bottle. Multiply these by the number of guests you’re inviting and you’ll know how much wine you need for your wedding!

Check with your venue

Wedding venues can set you back a pretty penny, so you might as well get the most out of your investment. See whether they offer wine or Champagne and if they’ll include them in the price of the venue, so you can make some savings on your wedding day. If you decide on wine from your venue, make sure you taste a selection of drinks from the venue’s wine list so you can see which vintages will work best for your special day!

Think of the season

When are you holding your special day? If you’re hosting it in the colder season you might want to go for a hearty red, as they taste fabulous on a chilly winter’s night. In this instance you might want to buy the Antinori Tignanello Toscana IGT 1990 from us. Lighter, more refreshing wines are more suited to the summer, so you might want to opt for a white or a rose in this case.

Focus on the toast

When choosing wine for your wedding, make sure you include something that’s appropriate for a toast. If you learn how to give a toast and do so with an excellent Champagne, you can really set your day off right. Here, you might want to purchase the Dom Perignon 2000, which you can secure from the Ideal Wine Company for just £140 per bottle!

Pair with food

Choose the right wine when pairing it with a meal and it can highlight the cuisine. Therefore, you should use your wedding menu to guide which wines you should serve on your special day. For example if you’re wanting to pair wine and cheese and you’ve opted for a strong Camembert, put it with Champagne. The bubbles in the drink act as the perfect foil to the richness of Camembert, wiping your tongue clean so you crave another bite.

Go for the best

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, so you need to go for the best vintages. We’d advise you to choose wine’s from the Ideal Wine Company website’s Occasions page. With a fabulous array of luxury tipples, this page includes a number of bottles that’ll help you celebrate the special days of your life in style!