Monday, 2 November 2015

UK Wine Market Predicted to Grow in 2015

New reports have shown the team here at Ideal Wine Company that the UK wine industry’s successful 2015 is set to continue through to the New Year.

More sunshine

It’s become a slight cliché to say that the UK experiences some of the most miserable weather in the world. Proof is evident that the British Isles don’t experience a lot of sunlight – at least compared to the likes of France, Spain and Italy.

Yet global warming is changing UK weather patterns. According to the Met Office, the South of England, which is developing a roaring wine trade, experienced 178.5 hours of sunlight in September 2015, 25% more than the average.

Rising profits

Meanwhile, evidence indicates that the region experienced a 15% rise in hours of sunlight from the average in October 2015. The Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA) has recently suggested that this is set to have a profound effect on the UK’s wine trade. The industry’s combined revenue will eclipse £100 million or the first time ever by the end of 2015.

Miles Beale, the Association’s chief executive, further revealed that UK’s Wine trade will only become stronger as time goes on. He noted that the country’s wine industry produced 6.3 million bottles of our favourite tipple during 2014. However, it’s projected to make more than double that number –over 12 million bottles – by the close of 2020.

Bailed out

The chief executive commented “We are delighted to hear from our members that late sunshine has given this year’s harvest a boost. English wine makers across the country have increased by 50% the area under vine in the last three years. Based on the latest growth figures, the WSTA’s projections show that English wine is set reach £100 million this year.”

These sentiments were echoed by Mark Driver, the co-owner of the iconic Rathfinny Wine Estate in East Sussex. He noted that July and August were poor conditions for his vineyard, but Rathfinny was “bailed out by this Indian summer.” Driver also suggested that “our yields were slightly higher than expected and the grapes were really clean.”

Buy a Bordeaux

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