Monday, 14 September 2015

Australian Bottle Named Best Wine of the 70s

The Ideal Wine Company was not the least bit surprised to learn recently that one of Australia’s most famous vintages was named the best wine of the 1970s.

New world wine maker

Long gone are the days where wine making was seen as the sole province of ‘old world’ countries such as France, Italy and Spain. Since their colonisation, many new world countries including the US, Chile and Australia have established roaring wine trades.
Cultivated over 200 years, the Australian wine industry has evolved to become one of the most successful on the planet. According to the Australian government, the land down under now boasts 60 wine making areas including well known regions such as Barossa Valley, Yarra Valley and Mudgee.

Best wine of the 70s

Produced in South Australia, Penfolds Grange is often regarded as the land down under’s most collectible wine. Typically made from Shiraz grapes delicately blended with a small amount of Cabernet Sauvignon, these hearty reds will knock your socks off. The brand’s most famous bottle is the 1971, a standout vintage which was recently named the best wine produced in the 1970s at an event sponsored by European Luxury Magazine, FINE.

Good Food recently reported that the Magazine gathered together a panel of judges from nine different countries to assess various wines worth in excess of $500,000. They awarded the Penfolds Grange 1971 a near perfect score of 98.5 out of 100, whilst French wines secured eight out of the other top ten spots on the list. Chateau Y'quem 1975 from Sauternes, France was awarded second place, securing a score of 98 out of 100.

Incredibly proud moment

Penfolds’ head wine maker, Peter Gago, commented on the victory. He said that it’s an “incredibly proud moment” for the land down under’s most famous vintage, adding that he “almost fell off his chair when I heard.” Gago went on to say: "this isn't just competing with wines of one vintage or from one country.

“This is competing with the greatest wines from an entire decade, sourced from the whole world, and including some of the greatest vintages in the history of Bordeaux and Champagne. It was a blind tasting, too, with an international panel of judges, which removes any suggestion of bias.”

Try a Penfolds Grange

The 1971 is an amazing wine, but it isn’t the only standout bottle produced by Penfolds Grange. You should buy a Penfolds Grange from the Ideal Wine Company today if you want to learn how this estate has produced some of the best reds the world has ever seen.