Monday, 24 August 2015

UK Could Become a Centre of Global Wine Tourism

The Ideal Wine Company has learned that a British wine making association recently suggested that the UK has the potential to develop itself into a major centre of global wine tourism.

British wine making 

The British aren’t exactly known as the best wine makers in the world. People look at us British as the wine making novices of Europe; the ones who can craft a good sherry, but wouldn’t be able to produce a fine pinot noir if our lives depended on it. 

The onset of global climate change has signalled a shift in the European wine making landscape. The UK is getting warmer, and as temperatures rise we’re starting to develop a distinct, even respected, wine producing culture. New figures suggest that there are now 470 vineyards in the UK, and these burgeoning estates are primarily growing Chardonnay (21%), Pinot Noir (19%) and Bacchus (9%) grapes. 

Wine tourism  

The Drinks Business reported that recently, the Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA) argued that wine could become a valuable source of tourism for the UK. The publication quoted figures which suggest that tourism became the UK’s third largest service export in 2014. WSTA argued that the UK could develop this rapidly expanding sector by moving into wine tourism, pointing out that the average US wine traveller spends £650 per trip, to suggest that it could generate major revenue. 

The marketing director of English Wine Producers, Julia Trustram-Eve, explained how the UK’s wine tourism market is already growing. She said: “Vineyards are using increasingly creative methods to host visitors, from guided tours and visitors’ centres to places to stay and on-site restaurants. 

“The growth in awareness and enthusiasm in locally-sourced and produced food has heightened the interest in rural tourism and the exciting work being done at vineyards across the country. As English wines become available in pubs, restaurants and retail outlets, it is great to see visitors given the chance to look behind the scenes. Wine tourism, in whatever guise, is something that is a growing area in the UK wine industry.”

Set the bar

This is an interesting idea, but here at the Ideal Wine Company we have to point out that wine tourists expect the best. UK wine producers need to ensure they cultivate superior vintages if they want to enter the rapidly growing global wine tourism market. If you want to see the kind of quality these highly discerning wine enthusiasts expect, why don’t you buy a Bordeaux from the Ideal Wine Company today!