Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Sparkling Red Wine Roars Back Into Fashion!

Stop the presses! The Ideal Wine Company has discovered something that’s set to change the life of every wine enthusiast in the world. It’s OK to drink sparkling red wine again!

Sparkling wine

What do you think of when you hear the words “sparkling wine?” If you’re anything like us, you think of a premium bottle of sparkling white like the first-rate Champagnes sold by the Ideal Wine Company.

However, what many people don’t know is that you can also buy sparkling reds. These vintages combine the full-fruited flavour of a hearty red with the traditional tang of a carbonated creation, to produce a bottle that contrasts opposing elements to provide you with a unique drinking experience.

Wine trends

Believe it or not, sparkling reds were the height of fashion back in the 70’ and 80’s, however they faded into the ether of social obscurity during the 90’s. Yet trends always come zooming back into style if they’re given enough time, and according to the Telegraph, this is what’s currently happening to sparkling reds.

The publication reported that online supermarket chain Ocado has named sparkling red wine “the red wine style for 2015.” The firm elaborated by explaining that the ever-important British middle classes have started to desert the style of wine that has characterised tastes over the past decade, Prosecco, in favour of sparkling red.

“Red wine of 2015.”

Ocado buyer Julian Twaites explained: "With Prosecco and rosé wine still in favour, it’s no surprise that this equally light and fresh wine is now proving increasingly popular with shoppers."
He went on to comment: "The real breakthrough came with sparkling Shiraz from Australia – it had been bubbling for a while there, became niche in the mid-Eighties in the UK but is now being rediscovered by customers."

Buy Australian wines

The Ideal Wine Company hasn’t quite caught up with the times just yet, but we do have a fantastic selection of Australian wines that you’re destined to love. Why don’t you buy the Hobbs 2006 today? This unique bottle will provide you with a wine-drinking experience you’ll never forget!