Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Wine is Becoming More Popular With Millennials

A recent article on Business Insider pointed out something we’ve known for quite a while here at the Ideal Wine Company; wine is becoming more popular with millennials.

The typical wine drinker
What immediately comes to mind when you picture the typical wine drinker? Is it a sophisticated middle aged professional? That’s the stereotype that has been championed by popular culture for decades.

That’s why a majority of people wouldn’t think of somebody between the ages of 21 and 34; a millennial, when they’re asked to picture the typical wine drinker. The common perception is that younger people, professionals with less income than their older counterparts, prefer cheaper fare such as beer and cider.

Millennials desert beer for wine
Once upon a time this may have been true, but Business Insider recently pointed out that times are changing. Millennials are deserting beer in astonishing numbers in favour of wine and spirits.

The article cited a survey carried out by Budweiser in the US which asked millennials what their favourite alcoholic beverage was to support their case. In 2012, 33.0% said beer, whilst in 2015 this number had dropped to 27.4%. Analysts noted that "overall beer consumption trends remain weak, and it appears millennials are increasingly turning to other alcoholic beverages."

Millennials drink more wine than their parents
But how do we know that its wine they’re turning to instead of beer? We have statistics to support our case! US wine consumption figures show that whilst people over the age of 55 are still the biggest drinkers of wine at 41% of total volume, millennials consume 25.7% of total wine volume in the country. This is double the volume of wine, 13%, consumed by their parents when they were in their twenties or early thirties.

What we also found fascinating is why millennials are turning to wine. Statistics cited by Medic Daily show that 83% of millennial wine drinkers in the States said that they decided to start championing the tipple because of its taste.

Millennials have good taste
If this Business Insider has made anything clear it’s that millennials have good taste. Wine such as the Chateau La Conseillante 2007 from the Ideal Wine Company are rich, complex drinks with a thousand subtle notes, which is why we’re not surprised that they’re becoming more popular with the younger generation.