Monday, 5 January 2015

The Christmas Day Fine Wine Heist

Whilst you were cracking open your bottle of Dom Perignon Brut whilst opening your presents this December 25th, Ideal Wine Company discovered that one restaurant in the US had stores of its finest vintages stolen. Thieves decided to target the establishment on Christmas day.

The Investment Value of Wine
As a provider of first class vintages at reasonable prices, the Ideal Wine Company understands the value of fine wine. Buy the right bottle and it can provide you with an effective investment, sure to line your pockets when you finally decide to sell it off for a handsome profit.

That must have been the thought running through the minds of a group of thieves in the wine-making region of Napa this December 25th. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, they decided to reap the investment value of fine wine by targeting an upscale Yountville Restaurant on Christmas Day.

Say Goodbye to 76 of Your Most Luxurious Bottles
The restaurant in question? The French Laundry. This is a well-known Michelin three-starred restaurant. The Chronicle suggests that it’s often called the best in the US or even the best in the world. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that they have a healthy store of fine vintages.

Which is why it must have seemed an obvious target when a group of thieves started planning what we’ve decided to call the Christmas Day wine heist. Targeting the French Laundry, burglars took off with a mind-shattering 76 of it’s most luxurious bottles. Most of these bottles just happened to be Domaine de la RomanĂ©e-Conti (DRC), one of the highest value French Burgundies in the world.

Popular With the Criminal Set
Apparently DRC is actually a rather popular vintage with the criminal set. Justin Grover of Fine Wines International – a rare-wine store in the US’ most liberal city, talked about the issue with the Chronicle. His shop was targeted in 2013.

Grover explained that “thieves have been stealing this wine because it is so rare and expensive.” Comparing his situation to that of French Laundry’s, Grover went on to suggest that at his shop “they left other wines of value and only took the DRC wines,” adding “that’s what they did at the French Laundry.”

The True Value of a Fantastically Crafted Luxury Vintage

If anything, the tale of the Christmas Day wine heist has reminded us of the true value of a fantastically crafted luxury vintage. Find that rare bottle with the Ideal Wine Company, and you’ll have an investment that as time wears on, is sure to bring high dividends to your bank account!